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Price ₱ 1,315,200

CARMEL RIDGE RESIDENTIAL ESTATE is in CARMEL RAY INDUSTRIAL PARK II home to some of the most prestigious multinational companies in the region.

Consider a community that will be FREE FROM POWER OUTAGES since we have our very own power generation facilitty.  CARMEL RIDGE is so professionally planned that we GUARANTEE NO FLOODING and you will NEVER HAVE WATERLESS DAYS!  CARMEL RIDGE is masterplanned to be an integrated business and residential suburb.  Enchanting Carmel Ridge is a 40-hectare prime property being developed by Sta Lucia Realty & Development, Inc. one of the most prestigious and stable realty firms in the country today.

CARMEL RIDGE have a 3 themed property clusters named: FOREST COVE,  GARDEN SPRINGS, and THE SANCTUARY



- Fully -landscaped entrance gate with guardhouse
- Multi-purpose Clubhouse
- Perimeter fence
- Landscaped parks and grilleries
- Covered Tennis Court
- Covered Basketball Court
- Swimming pool
- Wide concrete road network
- Paved sidewalks w/ concrete curbs & gutters
- Centralized interrelated water system
- Underground drainage system
- MERALCO Electrical System

 - 24 hour access to public transportation


Lot Area available in 120sqm, 150sqm and bigger



P10,960/sqm + 500/sqm for corner lots (Price Inclusive of Vat)


CASH SALE:  10% disc. on the Total Contract Price if paid outright or within 7 days, 8% disc on the Total Contract Price if paid within 30 days, 6% disc on the total Contract price if paid within 60 days.




Scheme 1:

20% Downpayment payable in:

- 7 days with 20% discount on the DP

- 15 days with 15% discount on the DP

- 30 days with 10% discount on the DP

- 60 days with 8% discount on the DP

- 12 months NO discount

80% Balance payable in 30 months No interest

up to 10 yrts at 14% interest per annum, 1st yr No interest


Scheme 2:

21% to 89% downpayment payable in:

- 7 days with 12% discount on the DP

- 30 days with 10% discount on the DP

- 60 days with 8% discount on the DP

Remaining Balance payable in:

- 30 months No interest

- up to 10 yrs at 14% interest per annum, 1st yr No interest

Reservation Fee per Lot:  P10,000

*Misc. (Titling) 6.5% of Net Contract Price - payable upon full payment of the lot or to be added to monthly amortization free interest



Lot Area                                  120sqm

Price/sqm                                 P10,960

Total Contract Price                1,315,200

20% Downpayment                   263,040

Less: 20% Discount 7 days DP     52,608

Less: Reservation Fee                  10,000

Net Downpayment in 7 days        200,432

80% Balance                           1,052,160

Monthly Amortization

If 30 months 0 interest                35,072

If 5 yrs to pay:

1st yr 0 interest                           17,536

2nd-5th yr @ 14% int/annum        23,001.46

If 10 yrs to pay:

1st yr 0 interest                            8,768

9th-10th yr @ 14% int/annum                15,467.10



1. Photocopy of 2 kinds of unexpired  gov't issued ID  (husband and wife if married)

2. Photocopy of birth certificate (husb & wife if married)

3. Photocopy of marriage contract (if married)

4. 2 kinds of proof of billing with same Philippine address (original & latest)

5. TIN ID / No. (husb & wife if married)

6. Special Power of Atty. (SPA) if buying thru representative


Interested buyer contact:
Virgie C. Hernandez
PRC Registered Real Estate Broker Lic. #0003823
Sta Lucia Land, Inc and Sta Lucia Realty & Dev., Inc.
+639198255220 - smart (viber/imo/skype/line/whatsapp)
+639171073658 - globe (viber/imo/skype/whatsapp)
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