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Sipalay Beachfront

Price ₱ 50,000,000

Property size: more or less 15 hectares composing 6 titles including a 2.5-hectare private road : 569 sqm, length 94.83m The private road is connecting lot no 6411 of the property with the municipal road. All taxes and fees are fully paid. Property is more or less 2km distance to Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The property contains 5 private beaches, all white sands (each 50m-60m length), Includes a "tinagong dagat"(tidal saltwater lake) covering 2 hectares. There is a cave at one of the above mentioned beaches. The entire property is in fact a peninsula. Its main shore is facing west, which is almost entirely covered by a large coral reef. Actual developments on the property are: A protective beachwall on one of the 5 beaches, A nipa hut for the caretaker, who is paid by the owner 2 nipa huts at one of the 5 beaches with freshwater, drainage and electricity The foundation of a building with valid building permit including building materials Electric connection to the power net of NOCECO,incl. fuse box and underground cable. A concrete freshwater tank which is fed by springwater from another property 500 meter distance. There is a written permit by the owner of that property to tap water from said spring. The land classification is agricultural land, the small islets at the west shore timberland. The entire area of the property is covered by virgin forest, no farming or alike improvements. Several trees were planted in the past 7 years: More than 200 coconut trees of different kind at the 5 beaches. Planted all over the property: Mahogany, Narra, Molave, Kabankalan, To oq, Acacia Manguin, Acacia, Jackfruit, Marang, Castania, Kamagong,Banaba, Babana, Neem Tree, Fire Tree, etc... at a total of more than 500 trees planted Asking Price: 40,000,000.00

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